The FinTech/Insurance Tech Revolution

Keynote on FinTech at BerkeleyHaas Business School.

The above video is a keynote regarding what FinTech and Insurance Tech has been able to impact on businesses. The keynote is conducted by Gregory La Blanc. The video is 1 hour and 9 minutes long and rather comprehensive in regards to examples of how FinTech has proven to change the approach to product development for companies in the finance sector and to some extent also companies in the insurance sectors.

The video is from 2018, though the contents of it is stille relevant for how the FinTech industry is working.

The Future of Banking as Seen by Blomfield and Grech

The future of banking.

The video above introduces a debate and visions on the future of banking by Blomfield and Grech. The video is from 2018 though the visions are still relevant for how the banks will be operating in the future. When speaking of the future of banking, then the concept of the future of payments:

  • Transactions to and from accounts.
  • Transactions of goods among suppliers and purchasers.
  • Security and overview of monetary transactions.